11 June 2013

What is a boletin?

A BOLETIN is an Electrical Installation Certificate for low voltage, or Certificado de Instalaci├│n El├ęctrica de baja tension, most commonly referred to in Spain simply as a Boletin.

A Boletin is an official document certifying the installation complies with the specifications of the current Spanish electrical regulations. It stipulates the maximum permissible power capacity and ensures the quality and condition of the installation.

A Boletin is required when applying for a new electricity supply, or when applying to upgrade an existing electricity supply. It is also necessary if an existing Boletin is over 20 years old. A Boletin may also be required to arrange a new contract if you have been cut off, if you want to change the tariff, as well as when changing names on the electricity bill.

For properties built since 2002 a Boletin can usually be issued without the need for any improvement work. In cases of older properties some work is required to upgrade the Consumer Unit and the installation. In both cases an Upgrade Assessment Survey should be arranged to inspect the condition of the installation.

Iberdrola has a record of all the installations with Boletins connected to their supply network. The certificate is also registered with the Industria department of the Automonous Community.

Boletins for property purchases

We recommend obtaining a Boletin when purchasing a property. This will ensure there aren’t any problems with billing, reducing the chances of getting cut off. If you have a problem with the incoming supply e.g. a power cut, you will need the Boletin as well as the property to be registered in same name. Our Housebuyers Electrical Survey is specifically designed for property purchases, plus it can help support price negotiations.

Commercial Boletins

An Electrical Project (Proyecto Electrico) is a required for commercial premises. The project is designed and produced by an Electrical Engineer or Architect. An electrical contractor carries out the work according to the technical plans and specifications. The installation is periodically inspected during the work programme by the local authorised Industria agency, OCA. On completion of the project the Boletin can be issued. 

If you need a Boletin email Sparks, and we will guide you through the process.

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