30 June 2013

Can I upgrade?

TO ARRANGE an upgrade for the electricity supply the first step is to carry out a survey of the installation in order to assess the condition of the electrics.

A typical upgrade is an increase in the contracted power supply from 3.3 kW to 5.75 kW. This amount of power is normally sufficient for a 2-3 bedroom property. Additional power may be needed for larger properties, those with heat exchangers for pool heating, and large air conditioning systems.

The survey involves inspecting the installation to assess if it complies which the current edition of the Spanish electrical regulations. This is necessary in order to issue a Boletin (Electrical Installation Certificate). A report is produced for the customer with the details of the work required, if any, along with a quotation.

For properties built since 2002 a Boletin can usually be issued without the need for any improvement work. In cases of older properties some work is required depending on the age of the installation. In either case it is necessary to arrange the Upgrade Assessment Survey.

If you require an upgrade to your electricity supply, email Sparks and we will guide you through the process.

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