25 June 2013

Is your Smart Meter causing power cuts?

ALL ACROSS Spain traditional electric meters are being replaced with Smart Meters. A possible consequence of having a Smart Meter fitted is that you may discover you are not contracted for sufficient electrical power. This is evident when the electricity supply constantly cuts off when using appliances. This is caused by having too many switched on at the same time, and it creates an overload to the system. The overload indicates the amount of electrical power required to work all the appliances is insufficient.

Smart Meters are fitted with a kill switch, aka an ICP, which limits your energy consumption to the amount of power you are contracted for with Iberdrola. The amount of contracted power (potencia contratada) is stipulated on your electricity bill and contract in kilowatts (kW).

It is most probable, and you may have been unaware of this, that before your Smart Meter was fitted you were able to draw more power than you were actually contracted for. During the past your electricity supply was illegally upgraded and not authorised by Iberdrola.

With the installation of a Smart Meter the contracted supply is automatically controlled by the ICP housed in the meter. Whereas before it was fitted you were able to draw sufficient power for your needs, now you have been down-graded back to your contracted supply. This is the reason why you are experiencing power cuts.

The course of action to get sufficient power is to arrange an upgrade to your electricity supply. Contact Sparks and we will guide you through the process.

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