26 June 2013

Do you have a billing issue with Iberdrola?

If you have a billing issue and need assistance with Iberdrola, Sparks can help!

Inevitably, energy consumption and high bills are normally the problem. Email Sparks with an explanation, together with any correspondence received from Iberdrola, plus a copy of the electricity bill.

We are happy to offer free advice by email. However, it may be necessary to visit the property in order to carry out an inspection and have a consultation. We will reply with a recommended course of action. 

If you require us to act on your behalf with Iberdrola, we need the following documentation:
• Copy of your electricity bill (both sides)
• Copy of your NIE certificate (preferable) or Residencia
• Letter of Authorisation

Electronic Billing

To register with the on-line Iberdrola office for electronic billing visit www.iberdrola.es/gestionesonline. Here you can request duplicates of your electricity bills.

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