25 October 2011

Typical night storage heating system by Sparks

PHOTOS OF a night storage heating system with three radiators that I installed in October 2011.

The storage radiators are supplied by a Spanish electrical manufacturer called Elnur, the models pictures are the Gabbaron ADS 168/14 especially designed to be used with a time-of-day rates tariff such as Iberdrola´s Day And Night Energy Plan. There are seven models in the ADS/14 range and they come in variety of widths up to 99 cm wide (twice the size of the ones in photos) and look very stylish. The ADS 168/14 is the model generally suitable for average size room, the dimensions are 54 cm wide, 72.5 cm high, and 16.5 cm deep. They are controlled very simply by setting the charge and discharge controls on the top.

Note how no cabling is exposed. The system is wired completely separately to everything else in the house because the radiators are controlled by a time clock. I use the existing conduit network installed in the property to wire the additional cables to an electrical point or junction box. This avoids any exposed cabling. Then I mount the radiators at that point. Only when a radiator is required where there is not an electrical point available does the client have to consider chasing the wall or alternatively mounting surface PVC trunking.

The bottom photo shows a newly installed electrical box above the radiator fitted next to the existing Consumer Unit on the right side, used for the switches and controls. Sometimes there is space available in the Consumer Unit to mount these, but generally I have to fit an additional box.

A standard Sparks night storage central heating system with 3 x Gabbaron ADS168/14 radiators includes the controller and wiring. The radiators are timed-controlled to come on only during the off-peak times, when electricity is half price. During the off-peak period the radiators heat up and store ample heat to thoroughly heat your property 24/7. 


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