31 January 2012

Iberdrola penalise customers without notice for not having an ICP

IBERDROLA HAVE increased some of their customer’s bills without prior notification. Check your electricity bill to see if “Recargo en Potencia por falta de ICP” has been added to the Energia box. It means because an ICP (Power Control Switch) has not been fitted a penalty is being charged. This shows up on the bill as an additional amount added to the standing charge. 

Customers on a 3.3 kW tariff are being charged for an additional 6.7 kW increasing their tariff to 10 kW which costs 10.80 euros per month extra. Customers on a 5.5 kW tariff are being charged for an additional 14.5 kW increasing their tariff to 20kW which costs 23.39 euros per month extra. 

Over the past year Iberdrola have been instructing home owners that they must have an ICP fitted in accordance with Spanish Law, otherwise they face a financial penalty. Two notifications should be sent by Iberdrola before they apply the penalty, the first by normal post, the second by recorded delivery giving a final 20 day notice. However, in the latest ICP saga, some customers have not received any notification at all and only by chance have discovered the penalty has been charged on their electricity bill. 

Iberdrola have blamed the poor postal system because it appears some notifications appear to have slipped through the system. 

In order to rectify the situation, home owners need to arrange to have an ICP fitted as soon as possible then arrange for Iberdrola to inspect and seal it by telephoning 902 10 22 10, quoting the contract number.