18 February 2011

Night Storage Central Heating

A NIGHT storage heating system is designed to take advantage of the economic benefits of the Day And Night Energy tariff. The storage heaters consume electricity only during the low-rate period providing 24/7 of controllable heating. 

Advantages of a night storage central heating system;

● Provides heating 24 hours a day – fully automated 

● Instant savings – using the night tariff reduces electricity by shifting consumption of washing machines,
fridge freezers, dishwashers, water heaters, pool pumps, lighting, etc. to the cheaper night rate 

● Heaters are specially designed to adapt to the new Day & Night Energy tariff – low power consumption, high energy output. 

● Easy installation, no building work required – cables are installed in existing conduit networks, no exposed cables. 

● Green – uses clean energy, heaters do not emit fumes 

● Aesthetically very advanced 

● Virtually no maintenance 

Running Cost

The Day And Night Energy tariff offers cheaper electricity for 14 hours per day at 6.09 cents per kWh, compared to the standard rate of 14.01 per kWh... THAT'S 56.53% LESS. The remaining 10 hours are charged at 16.87 (charges do not include IVA). Offer valid up to 31st March 2011.

Night Tariff Times (cheap rate) 
22:00 – 12:00 during the winter. Forward one hour during the summer. 

The ADS Night Storage Heater 
The Gabarron ADS night storage heater with dual sensor is the model of choice installed by Sparks. They
are equipped with high density refractory accumulation bricks, allowing them to accumulate maximum energy at night and effectively emit heat during the day. 

A wide range of models are available, all are only 16.5 cm deep, with seven sizes to accommodate the thermal needs of any room. Charging and discharging of the heat is regulated by controls on the top of the heater. A thermostat controls the electricity to switch off once the bricks are heated to the desired temperature. Used properly in a well planned facility it is able to maintain the desired comfort level throughout the day. 

All models come with a 2-year guarantee 

A general installation for a 2-3 bedroom house consists of 3 x Gabarron ADS-168/14 storage heaters, a time controller together with all the associated wiring, plus arranging the Day And Night Energy contract with Iberdrola 

Power consumption 2.7 kW, running cost 16.44 cents per hour ... compare that to a 3 kW electric heater on the standard kWh rate for 42.03 cents per hour.
(all costs calculated on the kWh rate at the time of posting)


  1. Great,it is low power consumption, high energy output...........central heating installations

  2. Storage heaters aimed to stockpile heat spawn from electric energy. I am sharing some tips for the use of storage heaters.
    Set the input switch to standardize heat overnight. If your home is of good insulation material like mud, bricks and not of wood than you do not need to use heaters at high settings.
    In day time the output switch control should be off. For long term absence periods set the settings at low to save energy.
    Set the thermostat to maintain a constant temperature in the room. If your electric storage heater has a thermostat, press the up or down buttons next to the temperature display to adjust the temperature to your liking. A thermostat will help to regulate the temperature and prevent unnecessary heat waste.
    Storage Heaters

  3. Your post is good and I want to add some points by my side that there are basically two different sorts of central heating systems, one being pumped and the other a vented system. Try to discuss these points also.

  4. DO NOT buy electric storage heaters! buy a (air-to-air) heat pump instead and save enormous amounts of money!

  5. Air-to-Air heat pumps provide the same type of heating as provided by air conditioning units. If that's that your thing, then go for it. However, running an Air-to-Air heat pump system will not take advantage of half price electricity offered with Iberdrolas Day & Night Energy tariff. When it comes to running cost efficiency nothing else comes close to night storage heaters, that's what I have in mi casa and it's nice n' toasty too!

  6. Hi Tony. great blog. I live in Coruña in Galicia in the North of Spain and contemplating installing Gabarron ecombi storage heaters. My house is old, damp and very poorly insulated. The rooms are large and there are quite a few irregular spaces. Would this storage heater system be capable of overcoming these problems without breaking the bank?

  7. Impossible to say without inspection. Good insulation obviously makes for a more efficient heating system. Perhaps you should tackle the poor insulation problem first. Best to get some on site advice.