27 March 2011

Iberdrola's zero tolerance policy for non-payment of electricity bills

IBERDROLA'S ZERO tolerance policy with overdue electricity bills is simply ruthless. Iberdrola don't mail warning letters or disconnection notifications, they simply cut you off. 

It's no good pleading ignorance or "it's the banks fault!". If Iberdrola do not receive payment they disconnect your electric meter and leave you with a little orange sticker. In the centre of the photo is where the electricity meter once resided, unfortunately, this was the second time round in little over a year for this household. The collection of orange stickers is testament to non-payment.

The consequence of non-payment and having your electric meter disconnected is that Iberdrola will require a new contract for an electricity supply. This may involve obtaining a new boletin (electrical installation certificate). The worst case scenario is you could end up having to rewire your home just because your didn't pay the electricity bill

Don't get caught out, don't take a direct debit for granted. Regularly check your bank account to ensure the electricity bill has been paid.


POST SCRIPT ... a few days later, International Sparks to the rescue, and we arranged for a new Smart Meter to be fitted for our client


  1. Dear Tony,
    Amazing you should have posted this just this past week - it's exactly what I've been trying to sort out for my uncle. In the process of moving house, changing bank accounts blah blah, he didn't notice Iberdrola's bill hadn't been paid and has been cut off. Iberdrola have admitted fault in that they received instruction to change the direct debit details to a new bank account and ignored them, and the outstanding bill has now been paid but it makes no difference, they still want a boletin before switching back on. The property is quite old and I can see this being costly for my uncle (rewire?), and he simply doesn't have the money! What's the best way to get this done?

  2. Hola Santa

    Email tony@sparksinspain.es and I'll let you know what details I require to get your uncle re-connected, without the need for a boletin.