09 April 2013

Homebuyers Electrical Survey

IN THE current economic climate it is not surprising to find that people are bypassing electrical surveys in a bid to save money. Spanish electrical regulations recommend a domestic installation should be checked every 10 years. These are difficult times, and whilst not having a survey done before committing your hard-earned cash to a property purchase is a short-term saving, it could result in unexpected problems and legal issues.

Electrics, like everything else, deteriorate with age. Many Spanish properties have been illegally upgraded, and it’s not uncommon to find over rated circuit breakers creating potential fire hazards. Tripping out problems is the last thing you want after moving in.

It’s unwise for property buyers to ignore the condition of the electrical system until after moving in. Chances are you are going to get more than just an aftershock, more likely a seismic event that hits your wallet.

That’s why it is recommended to get the electrics checked out before you buy, especially in old Spanish properties. Our Homebuyers Electrical Survey is designed to assess the condition of the installation, plus it can help with the negotiations of the sale.

Three things you need to know about a property… before you buy;

1.    Properties built prior to 2002 are commonly found to have their power supply illegally upgraded. This was common practice to avoid the cost of the legal process allowing the consumer to draw additional power. The introduction of ICPs (Interrupter Control de Potencia) and SmartMeters has made illegal upgrades impossible. If the property is illegally upgraded you will have to carry improvement work and obtain a Boletin (Certificadode Instalacion Electrica de Baja Tension).

2. Properties built before 2002 are wired to antiquated Spanish electrical regulations with questionable earthing practices. This is a major cause for concern that increases the risk of electric shock. For safety, you need to ensure that improvements have been carried out to the earthing system.

3. If the existing Boletin is over 20 years old you will need a new Boletin before Iberdrola will grant you a contract for an electrical supply. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s simply a matter to change over the owner’s names.

Our Homebuyers Electrical Survey is based upon the Electrical Installation Condition Report published by the Institute of Electrical Engineers for periodic inspection and testing adapted to the Spanish electrical wiring regulations. It covers a thorough check of the installation using specialist test instruments. The survey includes a report along with recommendations for repairs and energy saving improvements. It highlights safety issues and legal requirements, useful knowledge for the buyer before the actual purchase.

To obtain a quote, email Sparks submitting information about the type and age of the property.

This survey is not exclusive to home buyers. A periodic test and inspection is recommended every 10 years.


  1. Yes Indeed. Wirings are important especially if its an old home.


  2. The safest thing to do is re-do all the electrical wirings by abandoning the old one and creating a new conduits. It is a hard labor but it is the safest way.

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