14 January 2014

New ECOMBI Smart Heaters

NIGHT STORAGE heaters just got smarter! A brand new system boasts to be "the most economical electric storage heating available on the market," and looking at the new design it certainly looks that way. The new ECOMBI smart heater manufactured by the Elnur Gabarron SA is innovation at its finest.

The Madrid based heating specialist have taken the static storage heater and the fan convector storage heater, combined them together with a new patented electronic management system (ESICC - Smart Input Charge Control) to produce a new generation of storage heaters that automatically determine the amount of energy the heater needs, then adjusts it accordingly each day, which effectively reduces power consumption.

Storage heaters use electricity supplied at a cheaper ‘night-time’ rate to heat up special heat-retaining bricks. These bricks then heat your home around the clock using the heat stored in the bricks.

The new ECOMBI system incorporates smart management control and accurate temperature measurement using the ESICC electronic management module, which continuously monitors measurements on the temperature of the room, and maintains the desired comfort level.

Storage heaters used with a Day and Night Energy Plan (14-hour cheap rate time-of-day rates tariff) run at under half the cost of other types of electric heaters, and with the new ECOMBI smart heater those savings just got bigger. This new innovative system can reduce energy consumption by 35% compared to other static storage heaters. .

There are also savings to be gained using your electrical appliances with Day and Night Energy. For example, using the washing machine, one of the largest energy guzzlers in the home, during the cheap rate period will cut the running cost at least 50%.

Sparks could endorse any number of electric heaters, but the outstanding level of performance these heaters achieve makes them quite remarkable and unique. ECOMBI is the most innovative heating system available on the market. Contact us to arrange a home survey.

According to Which? – The UK’s ♯1 product testing consumer association – “The most cost-effective form of electric central heating uses night storage heaters.” (www.which.co.uk)

To find out more about the manufacturing company, Elnur Gabarron SA, watch this short video >>>

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