07 May 2013

Common mistake with spiked garden lights

PICTURED ABOVE is a common mistake found with spiked garden lights. These type of exterior light fittings are frequently used for decorative garden lighting for effective use with different colour lamps. They are easy to install and movable. However, they can also pose a tripping-out problem during wet weather conditions if not fitted correctly.

Par 38 lamp
The light fitting pictured above will fill up with water when it rains causing a short circuit and the electricity supply to trip-out. Why? Because it is not fitted with the correct type of lamp. These type of light fittings must use a Par 38 lamp, not a traditional light bulb. The design of the Par 38 lamp creates a weather proof seal between the lamp and the lamp holder preventing ingress of water. They are specifically designed to be used with this type of light fitting.

If the lamp blows, always leave it inserted in the light fitting until you have a replacement. This prevents water getting into the lamp holder, as well as corrosion of the terminals. Always insert the spike into the ground ensuring the light fitting is upright, never leave it lying on the ground.

Note: The traditional Par 38 lamp is high wattage, for low energy consumption CFL and LED equivalents are available.

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